Walpole Bay - Margate

Things to Do

Margate offers visitors an escape, a breath of fresh air and a chance to take a step back and reconnect with what’s important. 

World-renowned sandy beaches perfect for coastal walks, with jaw dropping sunrises and sunsets.

If you’re brave enough you can also take a dip in the fresh water pool at Walpole Bay.

The many restaurants in both the Old town and Cliftonville offer a choice of global cuisines


Walpole Bay

(5 min walk)
Fresh water tidal pool which has rejuvenating qualities.

Palm Bay

(13 min walk)
Beautiful dog-friendly beach away from the busy main sands and just 500 meters from Doghouse Margate.


  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Lunch options (closest to furthest):

International Food Margate
223 Northdown Rd

Open Mon-Sun
(1 min walk)

Organic artisan bakery/Café and also a world food convenience store.

ig: internationalfoodcentremargate

3 Northdown Parade

Open Thurs-Sat 12-11pm
(3 min walk, dog friendly)

Deli, Off licence, bar.
ig: picnic_margate

Skinny Dip Coffee
235 Northdown Rd

Open 8am-3pm, Mon-Sun
(3 min walk, dog friendly)

Speciality coffee and delicious café.
ig: skinnydipcoffee

8 Cliff Terrace

Open 8-4pm, Mon-Sun
(10 min walk, dog friendly)

Speciality coffee and delicious café.
ig: fortscoffee

172 Northdown Rd

Open 8:30-4pm, Mon-Sun
(10 min walk, dog friendly)


68 Northdown Rd

Open 8:30-2pm, Thurs-Sun
(12 min walk, dog friendly)

Artisan bakery (best buns in Town)
ig: oast_bakery

The Good Egg
49 Northdown Rd

(13 min walk)

All-day dining
ig: thegoodegg_

Curve Coffee
12 The Centre (Old town)

Open 8:30-4pm, Mon-Sun
(18min walk, dog friendly)

Speciality coffee and delicious café.
ig: curveroasters

Located in the Turner Contemporary Café (Old Town)

Open 10-5pm, Wed-Sun
(18min walk, dog friendly)

Café (best sourdough ever, it’s the one we use)
ig: staple_stores

Peters Fish Factory
12 Royal York Mansions (Old Town)

Open 11-1pm, Mon-Sun
(18min walk, dog friendly)

Best Haddock & Chips on the planet
ig: petersfishfactory

Unit 6, Harbour Arm (Old Town)

Open 10-8pm, Thurs-Sun
(22min walk, dog friendly)

Fish based Mexican taco with punchy Margarita’s
ig: dive.margate

Dinner options (closest to furthest):

Cassa Pizzeria
189 Northdown Rd

Open: Wed-Sat
(3 min walk, dog friendly)

Authentic pizza napoletana, Vegan/gluten free friendly.

The Grain Grocer
216 Northdown Rd

Open: 9-5pm, Mon-Sun
(4min walk, dog friendly)

Organic Grocer and Café, Vegan, GF Foods
ig: thegraingrocer

17 Ethelbert Crescent (Faith In Strangers)

Open: 6-10pm, Fri-Sat
(11min walk)

Asian inspired rice bowls and more, vegan & gluten Free options.
ig: faithinstrangersmargate

3 Cliff Terrace

Open: 6-10pm, Wed-Sun
(14min walk, dog friendly)


19 Cliff Terrace

Open: 6-9:30pm, Thurs-Sat
(15min walk, dog friendly)

Mullins Brasserie
6 Market Place (Old Town)

Open: 6-9pm, Mon-Sat
(17 min walk)


Bottega Caruso
2 Broad St (Old Town)

Open: 12-9pm, Thurs-Sat
(18 min walk)


Bows Kitchen
10 Market Place (above the Wig & Pen pub in the Old Town)

Open: 5-9pm, Thurs-Sun
(18 min walk)


Mama Jinny Thai Kitchen
15 New St (Old Town)

Open: 6-10pm, Thurs-Sun (20 min walk)


Buoy and Oyster
44 High St (Old Town)

Open: 12-9pm, Mon-Sun
(20min walk)

24 High St (Old Town)

Open: 12-9:30pm, Thurs-Mon
(20min walk)


Stone Pier (Old Town)

Open: 12-9pm, Thurs-Sun
(21min walk)

Art Galleries

Hotel Michele
231 Northdown Rd

Open: 12-6pm, Fri-Sun
(3 min walk)

Cliftonville Ave

Open: 12-6pm, Fri-Sun
(4 min walk)

Carl Freedman Gallery
28 Union Crescent

Open: 12-5pm, Wed-Sun
(18 min walk)

Turner Contemporary
Rendezvous (Old Town)

Open: 10-5pm, Mon-Sun
(19 min walk)

Streets of Margate
Keep your eyes peeled for art on the streets of Margate from the numerous large scale Muriel’s that have a focus on the impact of climate change on our oceans and wildlife to the recent Banksy which draws attention to domestic violence (28 Park Place, CT9 1LE).


(closest to furthest):

The Tap Room
4 Prices Ave

Open: 5-11pm, Mon-Sun
(2 min walk, dog friendly)

(Wine bar and small plates)
238 Northdown Rd

Open: 4-10pm, Mon-Sun
(2 min walk, dog friendly)

Tom Thumb Theatre Bar
2A Eastern Esplanade

Open: on theatre nights until midnight (2 min walk)

125 Northdown Rd

Open: 5:30-11pm, Thurs-Mon
(6 min walk, dog friendly)

The Rose & June
(Look out for yummy pop up food here)
49 Trinity Sq

Open: 4-11pm, Wed-Sun
(15 min walk, dog friendly)

The George & Heart
(Does lovely food also)
44 King St (Old town)

Open: 12-11pm, Mon-Sun
(16 min walk, dog friendly)

Little Swift
(Stunning sea views upstairs, great drinks list)
7 Marine Dr (Old town)

Open 12-10pm, Mon-Sun
(20 min walk, dog friendly)


Some beautiful treasures are waiting to be discovered in Margate’s many furniture, antique, jewellery & Art shops. From Mid-century classic pieces to stunning handmade gems.

Just walk along Northdown Rd and you will discover a variety lovely independent shops.

One hidden gem not to be missed is “Scotts” see below.

RG Scotts Furniture Mart. Open 9:30-5pm, closed Wed & Sun (11 min walk)

The Old Iceworks, Bath Place


Skinny Dip Coffee
235 Northdown Rd

Speciality coffee and delicious café.

Open 8am-3pm, Mon-Sun
(3 min walk, dog friendly)

ig: skinnydipcoffee

Curve Coffee
12 The Centre (Old town)

Speciality coffee and delicious café.

Open 8:30-4pm, Mon-Sun
(18min walk, dog friendly)

ig: curveroasters

Big Shot
3 Marine Dr

Open 9-4pm, Mon-Sun
(20min walk, dog friendly)


Shell Grotto
33 Grotto Hill

Historical cave, discovered in 1800’s of wall-to-wall shell mosaic

Open 10-5pm, Wed-Sun (10min walk)

Margate Caves
1 Northdown Rd

18th cent chalk mine with an interesting past.

Open 10-5pm, Wed-Mon (10min walk)

Crab Museum
9 Broad St (old town)

Open 11-5pm, Sat & Sun (18min walk)

Margate Museum
Market Pl

Open 11-3pm, Sat & Sun (18min walk)

An amusement park and entertainment centre.